S l o w d o w n Day

You may have heard this before, “Sunday is a day of rest.” Yes? No?
This comes from the book of Genesis. Genesis 2:2 to be precise. After God created the world He rested.

For me, Saturday is the day I try to take as my day of rest day. I work at my church http://www.stoneridge.com/ and get to see all my peeps on Sunday. So Saturday is my s l o w d o w n day.
read a book day
sweat pants day
no make-up day
maybe stay in bed all morning day
enjoy a good cup of coffee day (Coconut flavor from Dominican Republic… yummmmm)
avoid stores, if possible, day
let’s play day

However, from what I have observed and heard, Saturday is anything but a day of rest for most. It seems that Saturday is a very busy day in many households throughout HRM, maybe even throughout Nova Scotia, and dare we say – even across our nation.

Saturday is:
errand day
shopping day (prom is coming fast)
birthday party day
mow the lawn day
clean the house day
wash the car day
looking forward to the babysitter coming day.

Saturday is not everyone’s day of rest day.
Whether is is a day of rest or a day of business, Saturday is different than Monday thru Friday. And change is as good as a rest.

What are you doing today?
I’m going shopping ;o)

PS: I just got a whiff of fresh cut grass through an open window. My mother is out mowing the lawn – no lie. Not her day of rest either.

June 19, 2010 - 3:43 pm

Tanya - Got my Canada Day decor all out today!!! I LOVE you Canada. . . my Home and Native Land!!!!


Lovin it…

I begin a study with a few couples. These couples are Marriage Mentors.
That means they spend time with other couples, building relationships that support, encourage and guide . It is a beautiful thing.

I love when we give away – give away our agenda, give away our time, give away our life lessons. It seems God teaches us lessons and then gives us opportunity to apply and to share those lessons. (we generally will do both, if we live unselfishly and vunerably with our own lives, our own time and our own agenda)

And I love that God gave us marriage.

So, see how Marriage Mentoring can be a beautiful thing? Couples giving away their lives, their time and their agenda to couples who need experience, attention and hope.

Check out the book Sacred Marriage, by Gary Thomas – tell me what you think.
And, ask me about Marriage Mentoring.


A not-so-surprise party…

There was a show on last evening called TV’s Most Surprising Moments.

I don’t know about you, but I love it when a show or a movie surprises me, when the plot throws an unexpected curve into my thought pattern. It pumps me right up.
However, for some strange reason, when God surprises me with an unexpected curve in my life pattern I don’t seem to get as pumped up.

Check out a verse I read the other evening:
“They did what your (God’s) power and will had decided beforehand should happen.”
Acts 4:28

There it is – written out for all to read. God will surprise us but NOTHING surprises Him. Everything that happens was decided, beforehand, by Him. And in this instance, what He knew beforehand was that people were going to plot against Jesus.

It seems the conundrum comes when He chooses to invite you and me in on His plan for you and me, or invite us to His not-so-surprise party.

The conundrum, for us, comes at the very moment we choose to accept the invite or demand a different party.

I want to get better at accepting His invites. After all, if anyone is going to be not-so-surprised, it’s far better that it be our All Knowing God.

What not-so-surprise party has He invited you to, lately?


I’m sooooo full…

All I ate was veggies and a low fat wrap (it’s a good day) but my tummy is f u l l.

My heart is full, too.
There are many people to
care for,
pray for,

Please care for, pray for and encourage someone today. Who knows, God might even have us “love on” some of the same people!

June 11, 2010 - 3:52 pm

JLYeomans - Don’t forget you have a permanent spot on my prayer list. lov u!!

June 18, 2010 - 8:01 pm

Tanya - Remember to care for Lisa too!! XO


Blue sky and pooooffy, white clouds…

What is it about blue sky and pooooffy white clouds that make me smile differently than a sky that is colored many different hues of grey?

My car seems sportier.
My clothes seem newer.
My house seems cleaner.
My lunch seems tastier.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I’m thankful for blue sky and pooooffy, white clouds.