Blooomin’ Musings

Yes!! July is a perennial gardeners delight. Peak bloom for many plants has arrived……. the reward for hours of planting, transplanting, weeding, and fertilizing.
But NO!! This is not my favorite month of the year for weather, as it is for many gardeners. My perspirational body index is directly proportional to Nova Scotia’s high humid ex. Sometimes three changes of clothes per day
A tension exists ~~~ favorite season for gardening/hobby; least favorite time for work (manual labor part of property maintenance).

The yin yang tension seems also to pervade all my life. How should I treat people, I don’t. The no no’s of interpersonal relationships, I do. Especially in marriage, focusing on nagging incidentals, indifferent to the marvellous blessings of my marriage partner.
The intoxicating beauty of lilies, daisies, and fuchsia filipendula beckons my attention from the distraction of labors sweaty clothes. I think my wife will enjoy the change, even though she lovingly chooses to wash my stinky laundry.


July 1, 2010 - 1:23 am

Lisa Frankland - oh my goodness – you two are busy gardeners… beautiful!


They’re back….

That same group of senior friends (aka: party animals) who travelled to PEI on Friday, arrived home, safely last evening.

Time away gave them opportunity to get to meet new people as well as get to know one another better.

Good weather, good food, good fun, good friends, sound faith = good life.

Welcome home, we missed you.


Friday night, date night…

Last night was my third date with one of the cutest guys in the world – I mean it. And, no, I’m not biased. He really is cute. And he makes me smile and laugh – which is very important to me, and makes him even cuter in my eyes.

Let’s see, after three dates what do I know about him – are we compatable?

Music and lights facinate him. I love music – and what can a good light show hurt?
Milk seems to be his drink of choice. So, we differ there.
He is happiest without his t-shirt on. Ok, so we differ there, too!
Ticklish under the chin and on the thighs. Same as me, only add my feet to the list.
His family is important to him, they truely love each other. Samesies.

I sure hope there is a number 4 in our future.

What do you love about your favorite, Friday night date?

June 29, 2010 - 5:22 pm

Erica - Love it!! Sounds like one special dude :)

July 4, 2010 - 4:31 pm

Heather Jackson - Hmmmm! Intriguing! Hope he knows what a fantastic lady he’s found! :)


PEI bound, party animals…

This very morning a group of 20 seniors, mostly ladies, (which makes me wonder over and over again – where are all the men?) left for a weekend adventure to Prince Edward Island.

My goodness, these women are busy.
Many of them serve in our Cubbies program on Wednesday mornings. Many of them attend a Care Group together on Thursday afternoons. Our Hospitality Committee is comprised of many of them.

They take care of each other and they keep each other company. They enjoy one another. The have been known to play the odd card game together, to take in the odd play, and cook/share the odd meal together.

In the Contempory English version of the Bible, Titus 2:3 says this, “Tell the older women to behave as those who love the Lord should. They must not gossip about others or be slaves of wine. They must teach what is proper,…”

Phwefff! I’m so glad it says older women. Aren’t you?
I mean, afterall – we’re not…

Oh my, might there be a ‘younger lady’ in your life, watching all you do and listening to all you say?

MORE than one you say.
Me too.

Thankfully, we have examples before us in the lives of these PEI bound, party animals. They work hard, serve hard and play hard. Their life is full. It seems they are very comfortable with the instruction Titus 2:3 gives them – they seem to be working it out.

Let’s keep watching and listening.

July 8, 2010 - 1:29 pm

Angela-Rae - So true Lisa.I’m with you… So thankful to have these faithfilled, funfilled women as rolemodels.


When two isn’t enough…

In the last few months I have had the opportunity to travel by airplane, more than once. And I have had the opportunity to file missing baggage claims, more than once, as well.

My luggage seems to enjoy taking the long way home. Where as I enjoy a much more direct route. But thankfully, it’s been the long way home as oppossed to arriving at my initial destination without… well, without the essentials. While Most of us can relate to having spare underware and socks at home, it is a bit different when we consider pulling those items out of our purse.

Did you know that the airlines have a special term for luggage that becomes lost? Actually, there is a whole language formed around baggage claims and luggage search parties. The term for lost luggage is “orphan”. Interesting, huh?

And, did you know that if an airline employee from Point A, who preferrably loves to rescue orphans, is unable to connect with another airline employee at Point B, C or D, who also loves to rescue orphans – there is simply no hope of you or me ever seeing our luggage again. It will remain in the deep, dark bowels of some airport with all the other orphans.

I’m two for two now. Two airlines, two flights, two lost pieces of luggage, two moments of frustration, two returned pieces of luggage, two more moments of feeling guilty for feeling frustration, two opportunities to learn patience, gratitude and flexibility.

Oh dear… while I have learned to be very thankful for airline employees who love rescuing “orphans”, I do feel a third opportunity coming on.

July 8, 2010 - 1:32 pm

Angela-Rae - Oh dear, is right!! I’m sure Cindy & Julie could add to this post re: orphan luggage. :-)