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Neighbourly love

I love our neighbourhood! Not everyone can say the same thing about the community in which they live, so I feelView full post »

A Greeting for 2015

A handshake…a bow…a kiss on the cheek…a smile…a nod of the head…words of endearment…a simple hello…View full post »

Why Jesus Came

Sometimes we need to stop and reflect on why God came to earth. Manfred and I are in Germany as I write this – aView full post »

True north strong and free

I love my country of Canada! I am patriotic though in a quiet reserved kind of way – so typically Canadian.View full post »

Stef’s Kitchen Creations ~ Lemon Cream Filled Cookies

These delightful cookies can be made as a plain drop cookie or you can go the extra mile (I highly recommend it)View full post »

Autumn reflections (Part 3)

An autumn day road trip… …sharing our 29th anniversary with our son and daughter-in-law …sipping mapleView full post »

Stef’s Kitchen Creations ~ Homemade Granola Bars

Some parents are dreading back to school, others are jumping for joy! Whatever category you fall in, it isView full post »

Stef’s Kitchen Creations ~ Turkey Chili

A simple and hearty chili with plenty of flavor! I never thought I’d even try a chili recipe other than ourView full post »

“Stand firm and relax…”

Seen on Facebook recently,   “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging youView full post »

Last Roses of Summer

Last week there was a possibility of frost in my area. I notice a few persistent beautiful blooms on my climbingView full post »

We’ve Moved!

Welcome to our new home! Come in and stay a while. Some things have yet to be dusted off after the move…so pleaseView full post »

Dancing Queen…

I took the opportunity, one evening this summer, to attend the live Mamma Mia musical.  If you are familiar with theView full post »

Trashy Thanksgiving…

You know how life is – you’re just as busy as I am. So, while I don’t ponder what I’m View full post »

Less is more…

I have spent many years making purchases for my future family as well as for my very own home. That can add up to alotView full post »

The good stuff isn’t cheap…

I’ve been trying out some new makeup. Working at covering up some features while highlighting others.You know whatView full post »

Invisible Pathway…

Join me, for just a few minutes, and read the following verses: When the Red Sea saw you, O God,its waters looked andView full post »

Your Favorite Nothing…

I took a few days off in early April. Please believe me when I say I did nothing over those days.  Nothing. Zilch. View full post »

Pampers and Pampering…

Those two words bring different images to our minds, don’t they? Isles of diaper choices Tiny, soft, baby bumsView full post »

She Preaches…

When I lived out West – far away from my family – my friends became like family. And one friend introducedView full post »

Gotta Love it full post »

Linky Followers Party

The best new blog tool, is… Take Six is joining the party!  The Linky Followers Party, that Cheri @ Its So VeryView full post »

Please Excuse This Interruption…

We are not all fans of change.  It rattles our sense of security, and our comfortably formed habits.  However, changeView full post »