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Harley Davidson Tablescape

The week before Father’s Day, my hubby was away all week on a motorcycle trip. He and a friend, along with two ofView full post »

One Rockin’ Garden…

Back in May I did a post on container gardening, and mentioned my new/old wicker rocker that I had picked up “View full post »

Turkey Tales

Our sister, along with her hubby and daughter, lives in the country. They have a beautiful colonial home that they haveView full post »

Everything Old is New Again

I’m so happy to see you today. Thank you for coming to visit. I thought we would visit outside today. Let’sView full post »

Container Gardening – Georgene’s Version

OK, this is confession time on “Take Six”. I love to see a sweet idea for my home, yard, garden, etc. MostView full post »

In Celebration of New Leaf (Life)!!

Today I’m inviting you to join me for a cup of coffee. Let’s just sit and chat while I share with you theView full post »

~Victoria Day~

Victoria Day is a federal Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the last Monday on or before May 24, in honor of bothView full post »

House Renovation!

I was able to complete three house renovations on the weekend. Are you impressed? I sure am! Now, these houses are onView full post »

Container Gardening

By the end of this month, in my neck of the woods, it will be time to head to the garden center and pick out someView full post »

Peeps: Going. . . going. . . GONE!

For some people, Easter just would not be Easter with out marsh mellow Peeps. Whether or not you like marsh mellow, youView full post »

Guest Post: Sharelyn Stone – Real Life?

“Is this for real life mommy?” That is what my 4 year old daughter Georgia kept asking me during the EasterView full post »

"Egg"cellent idea!

Several weeks ago Vivienne@the V Spot asked this question on her blog. How do you like your eggs. . . scrambled, overView full post »

Baking the Easter Story

When our children were small, we made Empty Tomb Cookies. These are a great way to bring the resurrection part of EasterView full post »

EasTeR TabLeScApe

Welcome to my dining room. My table is all set for Easter Brunch. I gave you a sneak peek yesterday with my tableView full post »

Easter Centerpiece – My Version

A couple weeks ago, I shared an idea with you for an Easter centerpiece that I had seen Cathe Holden make, at JustView full post »

Robin Count

I got up this morning and could hear the birds just singing their hearts out. It just makes my heart sing when I hearView full post »

~The REAL Story of EASTER~

Hundreds attend the Christmas Drama, “This Very Night” each year at SRF. The story did not end when ChristView full post »

Guest Post: Tanya Payzant – Easter Centerpiece

Cathe Holden @Just Something I Made I think this might possibly be the sweetest centerpiece I have ever seen for Easter/View full post »

Guest Post: Tanya Payzant – Spring. . .

is hopefully just around the corner. So this week I’ve been thinking a bit about putting out my SpringyView full post »

Guest Post: Sharelyn Stone – Snow Much Fun

With the warmer weather this past weekend, it made the snow sticky and fantastic for snow sculpting. We had some familyView full post »

Guest Post: Tanya Payzant – Some of my Best Friends are Flakes!

For years I found my house so empty when I took down the Christmas decorations. Then finally I got smart, and decided toView full post »