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The Zinnia Bed

Zinnias are such bright, cheerful flowers. They are not a flower that I’ve grown in the past. I startedView full post »

Little Village In the Country

Our vegetable garden is completely surrounded with the cutest little village.  I enjoy it so much!  There is aView full post »

Vegetable Garden 2014

 This is year #3 for a vegetable garden, and the garden is having a great year.  I spent some time this week pullingView full post »

Chive Blossom Vinegar

This time of year, most yards have a chive plant full of those bright mauve blossoms.  Do you? I do, and I’veView full post »

My Lilac Dilemma

My lilac bush is about 6 years old. Last year it was beautiful. Lots of gorgeous fragrant blooms. This year… TwoView full post »

Pansy Ring Vase

I love pansies! I love the sweet little faces that look up at you, and their bright cheerful colors. So did my sister-inView full post »

2014 Garden & Landscape Fabric Staples

It’s vegetable garden time again.  Woo hoo! We Nova Scotian’s didn’t think we were going to seeView full post »

Vegetable Garden Update

Everyone has those times in gardening when you wondered, “What was I thinking”?  I had that thought oneView full post »


For years I have had a chive plant in my garden, as do many people. I have always wanted to dry the leaves and use themView full post »

One Rockin’ Garden…

Back in May I did a post on container gardening, and mentioned my new/old wicker rocker that I had picked up “View full post »

Container Gardening

By the end of this month, in my neck of the woods, it will be time to head to the garden center and pick out someView full post »