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“Being who I have become…” (Part 2 of 6)

A fond memory of my teen years is my church youth group. While having fun with friends was essential, I’m grateful ourView full post »

“Being who I have become…” (Part 1 of 6)

I’m at that stage in life when “reflection” has taken on a new intensity – not for the purpose of dwelling onView full post »

“Before and After…”

I love watching home renovation shows! When my husband finds me absorbed in one, he often asks, “Are you thinking ofView full post »

“Life is beautiful…”

Life is a complex mixture of experiences, emotions, happenings, joys, loss, surprises, the mundane, difficulties,View full post »

Take 5 With Kathy – “Lost in Translation…”

Last weekend my husband and I were in Toronto for his cousin’s wedding. We also enjoyed visiting many other relativesView full post »

“Boldness in the face of death…”

This week we were shocked by the tragic events that unfolded in the cities of Boston and West (Texas). As your neighborView full post »

“Facing my Fears…”

During the past several months, I’ve been learning more about how to deal with fear. I’ve always been the fearfulView full post »

“Enough is enough…”

During Passion week God led me to write about a particular name of His. I didn’t realize then how personallyView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – Nothing is hidden…

Listening to the cheerful chirping this week of “my” song sparrow brought to mind a song I had learned in childhoodView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – Above all…

On Thursday, my parents came along with me and my husband to a maple sugar camp. Hubby and I had visited there in theView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – "Created with purpose…"

We are soon approaching my favourite time of year – Spring! Since childhood I have always loved seeing andView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – “Beyond any other name…”

The catch phrase, “by any other name”, originated with Shakespeare’s Juliet who lamented to Romeo, “What’s inView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – "Knowing vs. Knowledge…"

 near Chelyabinsk, Russia The world was shocked on Friday to learn a meteor had exploded close to Russian soilView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – “Light dispels darkness…”

our entryway skylight One aspect I have always loved about our home since moving here six years ago is the abundance ofView full post »

Take5 with Kathy – “Coincidence or divine arrangement…”

“an old man lost his horse” There’s an old Chinese idiom which says, “an old man lost his horse”. To aView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – "Interference…"

During my study time this week I was prompted to reflect on the effect interference can have on daily life. Although itView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – Boxed in…

Why is it that cats love jumping in boxes as you are trying to pack them? Friday evening I was sorting through myView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – “Listening…”

I’ve been focusing lately on the topic of listening partly because it is the new theme for our church’s ladies BibleView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – “Advent meditations…Love”

Recently I’ve watched a few Christmas movies – comedies, dramas, classics – and I noticed a common thread thatView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – “Advent meditations…Joy”

Today we light the candle of “Joy” on our advent wreath. I perceive joy as a deep abiding quality that exists in theView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – "Advent meditations…Peace"

Today we light candles one and two on our advent wreath. While there are various adaptations of the naming of eachView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – "Advent meditations…Hope"

My advent wreath Today marks the first Sunday of this year’s season of advent. .” For many Christians across theView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy – "It is finished…"

Two Fridays ago, I was one very happy girl! My deck is finally finished!! Watching the guys pack up all their gear andView full post »

Take 5 with Kathy -Remember..

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada and it is also being observed in many other countries of the British Commonwealth.View full post »