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Moving forward…

  Yesterday and today, my husband and I devoted time to preparing our raised garden bed for planting.View full post »

“Hurry up and wait…”

  When my husband and I are out driving, he gets annoyed with drivers who follow closely behind just itchingView full post »

“What defines richness?”

Heard recently on a TV advertisement… “You are here on this earth to get rich.” …spoken by the sameView full post »

“Getting Dressed”

Spring has sprung! Well…that may be a bit of a stretch here in Canada but I still can’t help but think ofView full post »

Why Can’t I Remember?

I was reading the account, in Luke, of the Last Supper and all that lead up to Christ’s crucifixion andView full post »

“Spring Unfolding…”

  This is the day I’ve been waiting for! Everywhere I go people are smiling. There’s a skip in theirView full post »

Real Women Real Life – God’s Perfect Plan

Have you ever received terrible news? I don’t mean that your car is going to cost you $500, or that you justView full post »

“Praise and humility…”

I’ve known it most of my life. I accept it. I find ways around it. It will never be any different for me. I’mView full post »

“Blessing or Cliché?”

Clichés. We all use them, In the nick of time Every cloud has a silver lining Think outside the box A cliché is aView full post »

“Burdens become a blessing…”

Living in a port city, we see ships come and go daily. As they enter the harbor from the Atlantic Ocean, I never tire ofView full post »

“The Power of a Touch…”

Of all the senses, I think touch is often the least appreciated. When asked what sense they cannot live without peopleView full post »

“Minds Ready for Action…”

An old Chinese fable goes like this… Many years ago six steeds decided to leave the mountainous region of China whereView full post »

“Treasuring the Journey…”

Space…the great beyond…endless…eternity. Our current sermon series at church is focusing on eternity and how toView full post »

“Blessings for the New Year…”

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love decorating for Christmas! On Wednesday, friends were over for a luncheonView full post »

10 BIG Letters…

R E S O L U T I O N (the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc, the act of resolvingView full post »

Designer Aprons

Sewing has been a passion of mine since that first high school “home ec” class. Over the years I’ve enjoyedView full post »

Christmas Carols…Part 4

In order for me to WOW you with the same phrase that WOWed me, we have to allow ourselves to get into the scene of thisView full post »

Christmas Carols…Part 3

This next song, well… it gets to me, in a good way, quite honestly. While I’m not a mother – and can’View full post »

Christmas Carols…Part 2

Another Christmas carol that has touched a cord with me this season is:   Little Drummer Boy    Come theyView full post »

Christmas Carols…Part 1

I bought a new Christmas CD this year, by an artist I had not listened to before. And, I love it. I love it because itView full post »

“What can I give Him…?”

Every year I promise myself I will finish my Christmas shopping earlier and each passing year it seems to creep closerView full post »

“He will be called…” (Part 2)

A great hero… humble…gracious…example of love and forgiveness…no revenge…no militancy…inspired a real senseView full post »

“He will be called…” (Part 1)

My friend recently became a grandmother. She quickly posted on Facebook her granddaughter’s name and a sweet pictureView full post »

November 23 – National Adoption Day

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does notView full post »