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Responses to Gender Identity Questions

Thank you all for making the time and effort to comment. I’ll respond briefly (briefly to each, but brief answers toView full post »

Some Gender Identity Questions

If you or your teens are interacting with gays, lesbians, or transgender persons, there are serious questions toView full post »

Being Gay

  “What can I tell my children about homosexuality?” This was the first question I was asked at the endView full post »

Understanding the Appeal of Fifty Shades of Grey

Why has the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy been so popular? And why are Christian women and girls reading them atView full post »

Christian dating in the teen years, Part 2

In Christian dating you choose carefully whom you date, where you go and when, what you do. The Bible warns usView full post »

“Christian” dating in the teen years

Should teens date? And if so, what would “Christian” dating look like? How would it differ from the typical one-on-View full post »

Bringing back dating!

As human beings we are designed for relationship. Each of us has a deep inner longing for an intimate, lastingView full post »

Whatever happened to dating?

Once upon a time there was dating. How many generations ago was that? Do you remember those days? By a certainView full post »

What is sex for? What science is discovering

In the past few years scientists have been discovering amazing facts about our brains. We know that already inView full post »

What is Sex for? What the Bible Says

How does the Bible answer the question “What is sex for?” The first three answers come from the first twoView full post »

What is sex for?

Think about it . . . What is sex (sex play, sexual intercourse) for? What do you think about these answers (actualView full post »

Fifty Shades of Grey

We think about sex so that we may act rightly in intimate relationships. But in order to act rightly we have to firstView full post »

Sex On Campus

At this time of year some of you have sons and daughters who are either applying to university or returning toView full post »

Why Jesus Came

Sometimes we need to stop and reflect on why God came to earth. Manfred and I are in Germany as I write this – aView full post »

The Teen Body and the Incarnation

In a society that focuses on external appearance, with the media setting unrealistic standards of “beauty”, teensView full post »

The Very First Advent

This coming Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent (“coming” or “arrival”), the beginning of the church year, whenView full post »

If Only . . .

Consequences. There are two problems with consequences: you can’t always foresee them, even if you try, and sometimesView full post »

Healthy Sexuality Part I: Right Thinking about Sex

“What is our agenda as we deal with our teenagers and sexuality? We want to be realistic about who they are, about theView full post »

Our Sex Propaganda Machine

How did sex come to be a “given” in dating relationships? I remember one evening at university when half the girlsView full post »

Taking Sex for Granted

For just a moment, let’s turn back the clock: A young man and a young woman are embracing on the deck of the ship. ItView full post »

Teens and Sex

I was scheduled to speak to the youth at an Iranian-speaking church in southern Turkey. The “youth” in this caseView full post »