When I think of Summer …


Summer has arrived.  School is out and the freedom of no schedules is here.  This is only one sign of summer, although one that is loved by all!  Let me share with you today some things that mean summer to me.



Canada Day! Lots of red and white snacks.



Strawberry Shortcake





Lots of meals outside on the deck!


SUMMERTIME TIP:  I usually have a hard time keeping my tablecloth from blowing around on the table.  So last year, I grabbed 4 thrift store silver pitchers or sugar dishes.  (2/$2.99)  I tied some ribbon on the handles and tied the ribbon around each corner of the tablecloth.  The tablecloth stayed firmly in place without flipping up over the food.



Pitchers and pitchers of lemonade!




Lots of fun in the garden. Last summer’s sunflowers.



One of my most favourite parts of summer!



It’s even more fun this year since hubby bought me a Polaris Razer! 



I thought she should look a little “girly” so I called her Daisy and dressed her up with  some daisy decals!


What things say Summer to you?  I’d love to know!


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