Why Jesus Came

Sometimes we need to stop and reflect on why God came to earth.

Manfred and I are in Germany as I write this – a wonderful place to be during Advent: No snow as yet, but the beauty of Christmas trees and lights; the excitement of Christmas markets; the wonderful sound of the pealing of church bells; the soft light of candles for our meditation each day on the coming of Christ.

But there are other scenes and other events here that make one painfully aware of the corrupt state of our world today, not least with regard to teen sexuality. Down the street from where we are staying right now is a huge billboard with a picture of a teen age girl and the words “Mach’s. Aber mach’s soft.” (Do it. But do it with a condom.) A related web site reads (translated), “Practice makes perfect. Everyone can learn how to use a condom, either alone or with a partner. Before the ‘first time’ buy condoms in various sizes and forms and try them out. Then you’ll know which fit and are the most fun.” A new sex education book in schools here in Germany includes these directions: Children from the age of 13 are to share their sexual experiences with their classmates (when they had anal sex for the first time, for example) and to practice exploring each other’s bodies.

And this is happening not only in Germany, but throughout the western world.

A concerned mother in Britain reported to the family doctor that her nine year old daughter came home from school one day and excitedly announced what she had just learned in her sex education class: “I learned why the man has to go up and down and I learned why condoms are flavoured so they taste nice on the man’s penis.”

In the United States, in the state of California, 13- and 14- year-old students are given worksheets that include a checklist entitled “Sex Check! Are You Ready for Sex?” The questions include “Do you have water-based lubricants and condoms?” The students are also told how to know if they are gay or lesbian, “agender”, “bigender”, “two spirit” . . . the list goes on.

And here in Nova Scotia? Sex – A Healthy Sexuality Resource, distributed to 12- and 13-year-old students in Halifax schools, says, “Carry condoms and oral dams with you” and “Practice putting condoms on before you need to use one for real.” The web site of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, in its “Youth” section, says, “Have fun, experiment with different types of dams and condoms, and find out what you like best!”

A few years ago friends of ours were asked to do a Christmas devotional at their church. Instead of giving a meditation on the coming of Christ, they decided to do a reflection on why he came – why the world still needs him so desperately. The terribly warped view of sex being fed to our young people today – our Christian young people included – is one reason why!


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