Vegetable Garden 2014


 This is year #3 for a vegetable garden, and the garden is having a great year.  I spent some time this week pulling out the radish and spinach plants that had gone to seed.  Then I picked my first batch of peas and beans, and 2 heads of broccoli!  We learned a very important and exciting lesson this year.  When a post tropical storm blows through (Arthur) and flattens your corn, (see below) do.  not.  panic.


It will not only stand back up again…it will thrive!!  We are so glad.  We planted 2 types of corn this year.  Do you see how the corn on the right is so much taller than that on the left?  Well, the corn on the left is Indian Corn.  I hope it does well, and I am able to use it in my fall decor this year.  The corn on the right is regular eating corn.


This is my first year for sunflowers in the garden.  The first row are the giant sunflowers.  The second row are called “Color Fashion Mixed”.  They are much smaller, but beautiful shades of burgundy, rust, and pale yellow.  They are already blooming!


There are lots of blossoms in the pumpkin, squash, and gourd patch.


Kale is another first for us this year!  It has done very well.


I love broccoli!


We have battled late blight on our tomatoes the past 2 years.  So this year we are spraying with copper sulphate every 2 weeks.  We are also using Diatomaceous earth on them, and the potatoes in the next row, due to those rotten potato bugs!!!


Aren’t these blossoms pretty.  They are on my multiplying onions!


We also planted carrots, parsnip, and romaine lettuce in the garden this year.  I used a row for flowers as well, which was new for me this year.  I put in some dahlia bulbs, and planted zinnia’s from seed.  Both are doing really well.  I have no dahlia blossoms yet, but the zinnia’s are starting.  Watch for a post soon about my zinnia bed!


What did you plant this year, and how is it growing?  I’d love to know!

July 28, 2014 - 5:43 pm

Robyn Lane - Your garden is looking mighty fine there Tanya! This year we cut back a bit so that we could tackle a gout weed that was creeping in from the back neighbour’s yard.

We cut back but we did plant and everything is going great this year! First year of putting up a trellis type thing so that the peas didn’t topple over and they are now at the 8 foot mark with tons of blossoms and already two feeds off them, plus the Grandkiddos were out there having a ‘feast’ as they called it on the peas, baby zucchinis, baby carrots, swiss chard, radishes and onions. First year for planting brussel sprouts so we shall see how that goes.

We lost one batch of cucumbers and inadvertently replaced it with more zucchini. My fault because I couldn’t remember if it was the cucs that died or the zucchini. Needless to say we are eating those zucchini with every meal. Already four loaves put into the freezer.

Was out there today and seems like over night the green and yellow beans have come on too. Need my little hands to come feast again.

Tomatoes are growing really tall and they have several nice looking tomatoes on the vines as well as lots of tiny tims that we have munched on already.

And finally the blueberry bushes had a bumper crop with huge berries. Once again the Grands enjoyed feasting on those too. Absolutely nothing better than to go out to the garden and snack on produce that you know is totally safe and home grown and say “Thank you Lord for all you provide for us!”

July 28, 2014 - 5:47 pm

Terri Oliver Steffes - Tanya, the garden looks great. We are getting some produce out of our first garden. We ended up tearing out our squash plants because they were overtaking our tomatoes and green peppers, and I can’d have that!!

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