“The Dress Fits!!”

“The dress fits!!” posts my niece on Facebook twelve days ago. Excitement fills our hearts as we, along with my parents and sister and brother-in-law, prepare to travel to Quebec City for my niece’s wedding. I haven’t been back to this lovely city for almost fifteen years and I am anxious to spend a couple days exploring the old section of the town with my husband. This time will be different as just the two of us have the opportunity to visit places that were not necessarily “kid friendly” when we had children in tow several years ago.


As we take off from Halifax airport I settle in to write in my journal,

“I’m eager to see my niece and meet her fiancé. Also looking forward to reconnecting with family and meeting new people. Some I haven’t seen since my sister passed away. It will be a little bittersweet wishing my sister could be there to witness her only daughter marrying her sweetheart. I like to believe she is proudly smiling down upon this daughter who has become a lovely and incredible young woman.

Reflecting back to almost three years ago when my niece came to visit during Thanksgiving…Late night conversations ushered in a new and deeper “grown-up” relationship with my niece. How she had matured both in mind and spirit! At one point in the conversation an uncanny awareness of my sister’s heart was present in this one so young and full of life. It moved us both to tears as we realized that while my niece has become very much her own person her mom’s passionate soul lives on.

At that time, the future for my niece looked very uncertain and waiting for God to reveal His perfect plan was challenging. Oh, I know that struggle all too well…many years of it!

As I sit here on our flight to Montreal I can’t really see where we are going. Looking out the window I can gain some perspective from watching fluffy white clouds drift by against the azure sky. Lakes dot the landscape below and there is a gentle, almost lazy, sensation of movement. But, I cannot see straight ahead. I don’t have the benefit of sitting in the cockpit, sitting in the captain’s chair, and seeing the big picture. It must be fascinating to view the world from this vantage point on three sides. Yet, even the captain cannot see behind him.

Only our Heavenly Father has the ability to see our lives on all sides, from all directions, with knowledge of what has been, what is now, and what is yet to come.

Much like I have to put my trust in our flight’s captain knowing he is in control and has the training to fly and land this aircraft, I must put my faith in my Lord and Captain, Jesus Christ, who has infinite control of my life’s path. He will guide me safely through life until my journey is complete and I see Him face-to-face.”

Job chose to trust His God in the midst of an uncertain future. Despite tragedy, hardship, misinformed friends, and ill health he said,

“Does He not see my ways and count my every step?” (Job 31:4, NIV)

I’m so grateful I can depend on the faithfulness of my God who sees the beginning from the end!


By the way, the wedding was beautiful and my niece was radiant! Such a sweet happy couple who are beginning their new life together with their God as the centre of their marriage. May they always trust God in the joyful times as well as when times are uncertain. May they always know the truth of Hebrews 13:8,

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

Until next time,


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