Chalkboard Christmas Ornaments


I picked up these cute little ornament frames on clearance after Christmas one year.

I say “one year” because it wasn’t last year…sigh…I’m quite behind.

I also must confess that they are not the ONLY set of ornament

frames that I have not used yet.

I love the idea of having pictures in framed ornaments,

but when it comes to printing off pictures and actually putting said pictures

in the ornaments it just seems like





I am currently slowly working my way through the house, sorting, purging, finishing…

Yesterday I arrived at the drawer that has patiently been hiding these ornaments

since…”one year”.

I pulled out the paper behind the little plastic protector sheet.

I do mean paper…it’s not even card stock!!

I gave it a coat of chalkboard paint and

let it dry overnight.


They could be used for:

– their intended purpose…a tree ornament commemorating a special name or year

– Reusable gift tags

-dinner table place cards

Any other suggestions?

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