Chive Blossom Vinegar

This time of year, most yards have a chive plant full of those bright mauve blossoms.  Do you?

I do, and I’ve always picked the chives and left the blossoms…not anymore!!

I learned this wonderful tip from my sister.

She found it HERE.


Soak the blossoms in water to remove any dirt or critters

dry them in a salad spinner

cram the jar full 😉

fill the jar with white vinegar

cover the top of the jar with plastic wrap and screw on the lid

store in fridge 1-2 weeks then strain out the blossoms

you will have a lovely pink chive flavored vinegar


What a great teachers gift!

I think I’ll go pick chive blossoms, get busy, and be able to say

“I’ve started my Christmas shopping!”

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