Pansy Ring Vase

I love pansies!

I love the sweet little faces that look up at you, and their bright cheerful colors.

So did my sister-in-law Kristine.

She had a garden spot in front of her house totally devoted to them.

One year for a special occasion I got her a pansy ring vase.

I found it at pottery store.

It’s perfect!   A shallow vase that holds water, and allows the pansies to rest on it.

They are so small and have such short stems that they fall out of a regular vase.

You know what happens when you buy a gift for someone and it’s really awesome?

I knew you did…

you buy one for yourself too!  😉



Of course I had my ring all filled with water and flowers

before I remembered to take a “before” picture

so this is one from the internet.


This one is mine.  :)

Do you see all the cute little faces in the purple ones?


Tip:  If you don’t have a pansy ring, just put some water in the saucer of a teacup and place your pansies on top of the water!

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