Feather Your Nest

When I think of Spring, bird nests are one of the first things that pop into my mind.  I love to decorate with them, and have a couple real ones that I use.  This Spring I’ve been busy.   I was inspired by  Yvonne@StoneGable and her great tutorial, to make my own nests.  I had a bag of green moss and some spanish moss from a previous project that I used.  However, you can truly find everything you need, including moss, by taking a walk in the woods, and in your own back yard/garden.  I took my garden snippers outside and took some clippings off some of my shrubs.  I grabbed some dry, dead grass, twigs, and some of my pussy willow branches  that I picked a couple weeks ago.  I used a can of spray adhesive and my trusty glue gun, and flapped my wings…well, it wasn’t quite THAT easy…but almost!  😉



This tiny nest (and 3 in the last picture) were ones I bought and then embellished myself.  I just added moss, grass, and some little plastic eggs.




Check out the tutorial for all the particulars.  It is such a fun, easy project.  Get your creative juices flowing and put your very own spin on them.  It’s a project that the kids would love to help make as well!  Have fun and get creative.

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