Taking A Look In My Closet

Happy Belated New Year everyone! Is it too late to say that? Nah…it’s only February!!  I always like the beginning of a new year. Fresh starts, new exciting plans and hope for a better year than last. Like many people, I have made New Year’s resolutions in the past and right about now…I  break them. Yup. I do. That being said, for a few years now,  I have resolved NOT to make any and this year is no exception. (lisa…it seems that you and I have this in common)


 In the blog world though, there is a lot of resolution talk going on and this year I have heard of a new one that piqued  my interest that I wanted to share with all of you. It is the “no RTW for a year” resolution. RTW in the world of fashion simply means “ready to wear” clothing. In lay man’s terms…it simply means…store bought. A pledge not to buy any store bought clothing for a year. You can check out this lovely lady’s blog for more info…at Goodbye Valentino.

 So…could you make a resolution not to buy any clothes for a year? Could I? Hmm……

 If you went to your closet this minute, would you be content to wear what is in there right now for the rest of the year without any additions made? Would I? As a home sewer, it intrigued me because of course I would be challenged to make clothes that I wanted or needed. So what about the non-sewer or long lost used to sew-sewer? Would a challenge like this prompt you to take up sewing, if not to make entire outfits, but to refashion or mend what you already have? With clothing sold for such cheap prices it seems that the days of “mend and make do” are long gone.

As I thought of this, I was lead to think about stewardship… taking care of and making the best use of the blessings God has given me. I can see that there would be many benefits to such a pledge in the area of stewardship for me.

First of which would be the positive effect on a budget…self explanatory really…and that would in turn eliminate the guilt of those impulse buys we have all made and regretted at some time or another. (Nice. I like the thought of that.)

What about the small but still positive effect on this planet that God has created for us to live on and care for? ( Environmentally responsible. I could always try to be better in this area.)

The lessons we could teach our children with this kind of pledge would be valuable in so many ways as well. I won’t even venture to try to count them! (Helping them prepare for their futures is always in the forefront of my mind. Alwaaaays.)

 Our creativity would also be challenged and stretched by refashioning pieces of our current wardrobes or remixing the items in our closets to create new outfits. (Or for me…use up fabric that I have already bought to sew or create something new! Believe me…my fabric stash will soon reach hoarder status.)

Like I said at the beginning of this post…I’m not making any resolutions this year. I won’t be hitching a ride on this bandwagon…. my thumbs will be firmly planted in my pockets as it rolls on by. However, this pledge has made me more mindful of my stewardship and who knows….maybe I will be making this pledge at some point in time…I’ll ask God about it.  


February 2, 2014 - 5:47 pm

Holly - Hmmm, an interesting thought. Contentment is an ongoing issue with all of us because we are surrounded by so much and we are overloaded with a pressure to consume. If necessity is the mother of invention then prosperity must become the mother of good stewardship as you have said. Thanks for the timely reminder that we have enough and to be content.

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