Bath Bombs!

Last Christmas I made yummy “Molded Peppermint Bark” in my snowflake mold.  I was thrilled to find this mold during a shopping trip to Maine at the Christmas Tree Shop.   I gave some away as gifts and we enjoyed some as well!  😉  I only wish I had picked up more than one!


This year I used the same mold…but a very different recipe.  You can’t eat this years’ gifts!  They are “Bath Bombs”!  I really wish you had “smell vision” on your computer.  They sure do smell amazing!  Some are lavender, and some I chose peppermint scent but you can use whatever essential oil you prefer.

I followed a great tutorial by Jill from the blog,  “One Good Thing”.  There’s no need for me to do here, what she has already done so well.  So please pop over to Jill’s blog and pin her fabulous tutorial like I did!  The only item I didn’t use was the borax.  Now there is much controversy over borax as to whether this natural ingredient is safe or not.  This is NOT the reason I left it out.  It was listed on the recipe as an emulsifier.  An emulsifier assists in combining two ingredients (in this case oils and water) that do not normally combine.  I had no problem combining the  liquid ingredients in this recipe without the borax, and it was $6 for a great big box.  The recipe called for 1/4 tsp.  This is the ONLY reason I tried it without.  THE END!:)

After making a batch in the snowflakes, I remembered my Christmas muffin pans!!!  Woohoo!  They worked really well also.

To give as an individual gift, I slid them in a cellophane bag with some shredded paper.  I also gave several as a bigger gift, and placed them in a cute little box, on top of shredded paper.  The Dollarama has all kinds of things you can use as “gift wrap”. (bags, boxes, cans etc)

I’m obviously using these as Christmas gifts, but they can be made and gifted for any occasion, and even made in regular muffin pans with pretty paper liners!!

December 20, 2013 - 12:30 pm

Thistle - Hello sweet friend! Love the idea and the perfect handmade gift. :)

Just stopping by to tell you how much you brightened my day and wish you a very Merry Christmas!


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