Service Project: Cookie Bombs!

Recently, my church Bible study group was involved in a service project in our community.

We brought in cookies.  Because of my love for cookie cutters,

I always jump at the chance to use them, so I cut out sugar cookies in the shape of fall leaves.

Several ladies filled platters with loads of these yummy treats.

They looked so pretty on the fall napkins the ladies used to decorate the trays.

Once the platters were full, another group of ladies took over and bundled them

in a gorgeous rusty colored sheer fabric, and then cellophane.

The cookie bomb cards were then tied on with some hemp cord.

The Cards say:

You’ve been cookie bombed.

(Just ’cause we appreciate you.)

Some ladies then take the trays to

our local school staff rooms,

the fire departments,

and police stations.

What a blessing to be able to show these very special people how much we appreciate them!


November 26, 2013 - 6:52 pm

Sarah dePutter - Gorgeous! I would love to do this with our ladies group! So fun!!

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