Real Women Real Life – “On Mission… part 1”

Today at Take Six, we are welcoming our friend Sonya to share with us how God can speak to us when we are not even expecting it, and how rich His blessings are when we listen and obey!


It’s been exactly a year since my husband, Andrew, and I jumped on a plane with 10 strangers to go build houses in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

If you don’t know me that doesn’t sound that outrageous. Honestly, it doesn’t sound like much of a leap for a Christian couple to make…right? After all, we’re commissioned to go into all the world. We’re called to help the widows and orphans. We’re called to love our neighbour.

But if you DO know me, you know how very bizarre the whole thing sounds. I had heard the same great commission my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ had heard. From the same Holy Bible read by Mother Theresa and Leslie Chymist and Manfred Kohl. But I always thought the GOING part referred to other people. To missionaries and visionaries. So I did what people like me do. I memorized the verses; I liked and shared pictures of the widows and orphans on Facebook; I baked casseroles and cookies for my neighbours; I played the guitar and sang to the little ones in Sunday School. That was my GO. And it was good and comfortable and brightened the corner where I was.

I had left a career in banking to raise my four six-and-unders. With that conscious decision to cut our income in half, in an effort to double the time we could invest in our children, we both had learned to live…frugally. I learned to make bread, play dough, mayonnaise, mittens. He didn’t buy new tools. I didn’t buy new shoes. The children didn’t get dunkaroos or happy meals. A vacation was taking our minivan, canoe strapped on top, children amused with library books and a dollar store game, to Kejimkujik National Park to stay in a tent in the rain with our wet dog.

We didn’t fly places.

People like me didn’t fly to Ecuador to build houses. I certainly didn’t own the required steel-toe boots, goggles and work gloves.

But my husband? Well, if you know Andrew Beeler, you know he was born to build! He built our home in between shifts as a rookie police officer in the first few years of his twenties. No experience, no real house plans, no formal training, just pluck and courage and HEART. So when I read the one line promo in the church bulletin, I knew right away that he was supposed to go. I scribbled on the bulletin right away, “they need you, Andrew!” and thrust it over his way during the announcement time. He looked at it with mild curiosity because he knew we didn’t have extra money for trips. We were budgeted down to last penny. Remember us? We didn’t buy tools, didn’t buy shoes, didn’t eat out.

But God…

It may have been that very week or it may have been earlier that I heard Pastor say “with God, there’s always a meanwhile,” and God was already at work, laying on my husband’s heart the possibility that we could trust Him with this. Within a few weeks, the tug was so strong that every time we saw the word Ecuador we would look at each other with the spark of belief that Andrew could actually go to Ecuador and make a difference. When he filled out his application I promised I would help him fund raise and I thought all the big deciding was over.

But God…

Sonya & Andrew

Please join me for Part 2 next week.
May 8, 2013 - 7:19 pm

Charlene Dill - Inspired to follow this story……..from the heart of my sister and friend, Sonya!!

May 10, 2013 - 7:56 am

tamara - Sonya, you are so wonderful, as is Andrew. I remember you two taking on this calling and I remember being so surprised but so thrilled for you two. You are such givers. Can’t wait to read part 2!
xxxx Tam

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