S l o w d o w n Day

You may have heard this before, “Sunday is a day of rest.” Yes? No?
This comes from the book of Genesis. Genesis 2:2 to be precise. After God created the world He rested.

For me, Saturday is the day I try to take as my day of rest day. I work at my church http://www.stoneridge.com/ and get to see all my peeps on Sunday. So Saturday is my s l o w d o w n day.
read a book day
sweat pants day
no make-up day
maybe stay in bed all morning day
enjoy a good cup of coffee day (Coconut flavor from Dominican Republic… yummmmm)
avoid stores, if possible, day
let’s play day

However, from what I have observed and heard, Saturday is anything but a day of rest for most. It seems that Saturday is a very busy day in many households throughout HRM, maybe even throughout Nova Scotia, and dare we say – even across our nation.

Saturday is:
errand day
shopping day (prom is coming fast)
birthday party day
mow the lawn day
clean the house day
wash the car day
looking forward to the babysitter coming day.

Saturday is not everyone’s day of rest day.
Whether is is a day of rest or a day of business, Saturday is different than Monday thru Friday. And change is as good as a rest.

What are you doing today?
I’m going shopping ;o)

PS: I just got a whiff of fresh cut grass through an open window. My mother is out mowing the lawn – no lie. Not her day of rest either.

June 19, 2010 - 3:43 pm

Tanya - Got my Canada Day decor all out today!!! I LOVE you Canada. . . my Home and Native Land!!!!

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